East Coast Creative: Creating with the Stars

Thursday, April 3, 2014

It has been a busy week here in the land of The World Around Her. I've been working over on East Coast Creative all week helping them with their design contest Creating with the Stars, are you following along and voting? We just wrapped up week 2, which involved the contestants putting together a paint project. Next week is the upcycle round for the top 6 that are left in the competition. It all started with 299 entries and it was narrowed down to 12 for the first week...from 299 to 12!! Week one was the knock off round where the 12 contestants had to create a knock off version of a high end item...

{Image courtesy of East Coast Creative's Instagram!}

Can you believe these amazing knock off projects, and they are all handmade! If you haven't been following along check out the recap post of round one. 

What I love most about the competition, besides the incredible projects, is that it's not a popularity contest. When the projects go up for voting, readers don't know whose project they are voting for. So instead of voting for your favorite blogger or because they are paired with your favorite blog star, you are voting for your favorite DIY knock off. Then when the results are posted, that is when you know who did what, pretty clever right! 

It starts with 12, but then each week of the four week competition the bottom 3 get knocked out. So for this week's second round and battle of the paint projects it was down to 9....

{Image courtesy of East Coast Creative Instagram}

Who knew you could do so many stunning things with paint! I loved them all, it's so tough having to say good-bye to the bottom three each week. Some of the contestants have started to follow me on Instagram, which totally made me feel famous! I'm hoping to stay connected and have started reading their blogs. 

If you aren't already a fan of East Coast Creative, then what are you waiting for...you don't want to miss out on these awesome DIY projects and see who goes home with the big win at the end! The prizes are amazing, oh and plus there is a giveaway for everyone too! Get your butt on over there and enter to win a beach vacation to Punta Cana!! Oh, how I wish I could enter!! 

PS, I don't vote since I'm their blog assistant and know who did what, so that's why I need you to vote for me {next Monday will be the open vote for the upcycle round}! Right now on the blog is the winner's tutorial from this week, which one would you have voted for? Tomorrow will be the 2nd place tutorial, then 3rd. Plus if you have your own paint project you can link up for a chance to be featured on the blog this Sunday!  

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! 


  1. Wow! Every single one of these designs is SO awesome! And I love that it's blind voting so that no one knows who did what while they're casting their votes. That's very smart!

  2. Great idea to not know the blogger. No popularity contest just real votes. And these projects are a amazing.