DIY Lamp Shade Ideas...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

So now that I'm trying to boost my personal blog, I'm starting to think like an actual blogger here taking a million photos of one stinking lamp to get the perfect shot! Well, my photo isn't perfect and my home decor isn't all that fabulous, so this is me and I'm keeping it real ya'll! OK, I don't ever say ya'll...but it sound funny right?! 

On to the lamp that I have a love hate relationship with...

See how brilliant the actual lamp is, the details and the color? But then there is this boring, no personality shade on top...I mean what is that?! We've actually had this lamp for a few years now, and for the last year or so I've really wanted to do something to the shade and have been on the hunt for cool DIY lamp shade ideas.

I love this Shape Tapetrick that Jess did over on East Coast Creative...

It's a pretty simple idea, yet it makes such a big difference to a boring, white lamp shade. I would love to try this in a mint or a navy color. 

Oh, and how amazing is this handwritten letter lamp shade DIY from Courtney over on A Little Glass Box...

Besides the lamp being pretty fabulous all on it's own (I mean, it's a horse!), the lamp shade is too. My step-daughter actually did this to her lamp shade, she has been putting together some really cool DIY projects lately, like this industrial lamp idea she created from two wire hanging planters...

She was inspired by an episode of Knock it Off, which is on the Live Well Network and stars Monica and Jess from East Coast Creative (the blog I'm an assistant for!) 

So, these are a few DIY lamp shade ideas I'm loving right now, which one is your favorite? Should I paint it, write on it, or go for the industrial look?

Thanks for stopping by, have a great first day of Spring! 


  1. Awesome ideas, Diana. I've always wanted to paint a lamp shade. Have you worked with chalkboard paint? If you used that than you could write or doodle on it.

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

  2. GREAT IDEAS! You have inspired me... so much so I have hit pinterest, looked up ikea hacks and have spent the last 1 hour in bed {waiting on sofia to wake} pinning to my newest board.... SO THANK YOU!


  3. Those ideas are awesome and my favourite is the lamp shade one. It's very sassy. Happy 1st day of spring, darling. xo

  4. Wow, that handwritten letter idea is so cool! I also love the shape tape idea for its simple yet pretty design. Great inspiration, Diana!