Fun and Creative Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My step-daughter keeps getting on me about my collection of empty mason jars, telling me that I NEED to do something with them! So, I have finally searched on Pinterest and found a few fun and creative mason jar craft ideas that I would like to DIY, however there are a few jars I have that I won't touch though or change...

Besides the one that obviously doesn't look like the rest, these are my vintage mason jars and they are staying as is! I love the glass lids and the handles. I'm not sure when they date back to, but I just discovered this mason jar logo image during a Google search...

It's a little tough to decipher between a few of the logo dates, from 1896-1960 they look pretty similar. But with the way the curve comes off the B in Ball, it looks like mine may be from 1933-1960. That right there is the reason no one is going to touch these vintage mason jars I have in my collection, I mean it's pretty amazing to have something that has that kind of history! I only wish there were more information on the jar so I could actually discover where it may have come from. 

So other than these jars, I also have a few in my collection that are a little newer and easier to find...

A few of them have the little ® on it meaning that they are from 1975 to present according to the logo image, however I just noticed that one of them has the same B on it as my glass lid jars and may also be from 1933-1960! (PS, the owl drawing was made by my step-daughter and the owl stitched hoop was made by Jennifer over at Homespun Happiness, she's a sweetheart!)

As you can see from the photo above, a few of the jars have my rubber stamp collection in them, two of them are empty, and the blue one has small pieces of paper in it. A friend had posted at the beginning of this year an idea on Facebook of writing down little notes of when you have a great day and then keeping the notes in jar. Then on New Year's Eve you open the jar and share all of your favorite memories with everyone. I don't always remember to do so, but when I do it's something really good! I can't wait to look back at 2014 on New Year's Eve with my family! 

For the larger empty jars I am considering going with either a terrarium or a more craft inspired idea ....

1/ 2 / 3 / 4

All of these ideas just make me smile, especially that angry gnome! Terrariums seem to be trending big time now that Spring is finally here. I love the pop of colorful stones in the two succulent mason jar ideas, those two are my favorite. The beach mason jar is a fun idea as well, I actually have a few vases from my sister's wedding that have sand and sea shells in them and just love how they look. 

Here are a few of my favorite mason jar ideas that are a bit more crafty using paint and stencils...

1 / 2 / 3

How sweet is the heart stenciled out on the chalkboard painted mason jar? I also love the distressed painted mason jar look, it gives the new jars a more vintage look. The globe mason jar idea has been floating around on Pinterest for a few years now, and every holiday season when it pops up again I keep saying I'm going to make one! How adorable is the vintage car with the tree tied to the top?!

So, perhaps one of the jars will get a terrarium makeover, while the other becomes a globe? Do you have any empty mason jars or have you created any of these fun mason jar craft ideas before? 

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! 


  1. A mason jar terrarium is the cutest! It's so awesome how easy it is to decorate with things as cheap as mason jars.

  2. How cool that you have those really old jars! I love all of these ideas, especially the terrarium and globe!

  3. I'm in love with the gnome!! How adorable!!