Monday, January 26, 2015

Heart Shaped Treats for Your Valentine

Happy Monday! Are you planning fun activities for Valentine's Day yet? Maybe a special date night without the kids?  

The day of love tends to put a lot of pressure on the guys, but it really shouldn't be all about us ladies. They deserve just as much love on Valentine's Day as we do and we all know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! So, I did a little searching on Pinterest and found a few fun heart-shaped treats for your Valentine that won't disappoint. 

1. Raspberry Moscato Cocktail 

So this drink may be a little more fruity than most guys like, but the idea here is to make the heart shaped ice cubes for his favorite cocktail. I think this recipe from Create Celebrate Explore looks amazing, and who knows your guy might like it too! 

2. Heart Shaped Cake

No need to rush to the store for a heart shaped baking pan the night before Valentine's Day! I love this trick and may even test it out using red velvet cake mix. It's a fun idea for Valentine's Day and for your sweetheart's birthday as well! 

3. Peek-a-boo Pound Cake

How adorable are these peek-a-boo hearts? I wonder is this would also work with banana bread, one of my guy's favorites! 

4. Marble Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies 

These marble red velvet cheesecake brownie hearts from The Novice Chef look more like art than food! Either way, I bet they taste just as amazing as they look. 

5. Heart Shaped Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes 

My husband is always making breakfast for me; pancakes, waffles, bacon and eggs...okay now I'm hungry for breakfast food! This Valentine's Day I really should return the favor and make him these heart shaped pancakes. You can use a mold like Gina from Skinnytaste did or use a squeeze bottle to squirt the pancake mix into a heart shape onto the pan.

Would any of these recipe ideas satisfy your guy on Valentine's Day? What are you planning for the big day of love?

Wait, don't leave just yet, I have a fun Valentine's Day print for you... 

Have you heard of PicMonkey? It's a Photo editor website where you can crop, write text, and create different effects on your images. But that's not all, you can also create your own fun print...

I made this one for us, but made a blank one for you to fill out with your own initials or whatever you'd like; your kids' names, the word love or forever n always, the choice is yours! 

Just right click, save as and then open it up in PicMonkey and select text. There are tons of font options too, I used ecuyer dax font.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Painting My Arrow: What Color?!

Help, I'm still stuck on what color to choose for my arrow! Last Friday I went to Home Depot and just stared at the spray paint colors...why are there so many shades of blue?! As I picked up can after can to compare the shades my husband gave me a look of "Just Pick a Color Already!"

Well, I didn't exactly pick a color yet!!! You see, I really wanted the Rust-Oleum® "Seaside", but unfortunately it was only available in a gloss finish. I'm not really going for a glossy look here. 

What's a girl to do? Why, she gets a back up color of coarse! If the seaside gloss finish doesn't work, I will spray over it in the Rust-Oleum® "Lagoon" satin finish. It's a bit darker than I want, but it was the only shade of "turquoise" that came in a satin finish. 

Although, a thought just popped in my head that I can sand down the glossy look of the seaside! But. will it still give me the pop of color I'm going for after I sand it down? I guess I'll have to test that theory out! 

Like my cousin would say, "It's an adventure!" Thanks for stopping by today, have a great day! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

DIY Arrow Decor Ideas { My New Obsession}

Move over owls....there's a new obsession in town... the arrow!

I mean, how could you not love arrows, especially when your husband turns a few pieces of scrap wood into something you have been dreaming about?! {With the help of your step-daughter's awesome artwork!}

The obsession is all Beckie from Infarrantly Creative's fault! She posted an awesome scrap wood arrow on her Instagram and I immediately developed a crush! 

So I took to Pinterest and searched like a mad woman for more arrow inspiration and found these beauties...

I just love the variety of DIY arrow decor ideas, from little Valentine's Day arrows that would look adorable in a nursery, to Southwest inspired arrow banners, and my favorite... pallet wood arrows! 

I shared Beckie's scrap wood arrow on my Facebook page and my friend Stacy said she had tons of scrap wood that was up for grabs. So after I found these ideas on Pinterest I shared the wooden arrows from Polka Dot Poplars with my husband. I told him they could be my Christmas gifts, of course he was on need to go shopping during the busiest season of the year, yes please! 

When he started on the first one, the arrow jewelry hanger, he asked me a few questions about the design and color, but after that it became a secret project that I wasn't allowed to see until Christmas Eve! 

For about two weeks he forbid me from entering the garage and then the basement after he moved everything inside! Do you know how tough it was not to take a peek?! 

Then on Christmas Eve we all sat together as a family and exchanged gifts. The kids went first, then Mike, and I opted to go last! I just couldn't believe my eyes; I gave him a few ideas, a few pieces of scrap wood and he designed a one of a kind piece that made my heart sing! 

I love that he made his own design from the inspiration photo I shared with him, plus he came up with the jewelry hanger idea all on his own! This guy...he is all mine ladies! 

Last week he completed a second arrow for me, isn't she lovely?! I need your help though....paint or stain her? On Instagram a friend suggested turquoise, which I think would look awesome in my office next to the mint shelf. 

Since this post is already a little wordy I'll leave the tutorials for the next time! 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great weekend!