Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Love Your Body: High Heels & Flip-Flops

Today one of my long time blogger friends is sharing a sneak peek into a post she originally featured last year on her own blog. Then next week she will be sharing a new perspective of what Love Your Body means to her. 

Say hello to my friend Heather from High Heels & Flip-Flops...

Love Your Body: Perfectly Porcelain

“You need to take off that rash guard and get some color.” While comments about my pale, porcelain skin could easily make me feel insecure, instead, they just make me all the more dedicated to preventing skin cancer and loving my natural tone. Check out my story excerpt below, and take a moment to feel gorgeous in your own spectacular skin!

Why I Don’t Tan (For Faux or For Real)
Originally published via High Heels & Flip-Flops

It’s that time of year again when everyone inevitably starts talking about tanning, whether it comes from a bottle or directly from the sun itself. It’s also the time when some people feel the need to state that this here porcelain-skinned blogger needs to “get some color.”
My response? I don’t do tans, nor will I ever. First and foremost, I have no desire to risk getting skin cancer, something I’ve seen people of all ages fight, just for the sake of obtaining a fleeting glow. Second, I have no interest in any bottled bronzer on the market, because the honest truth is, I don’t mind being pale. It’s just who I am, how I have always looked, and not something I feel the need to justify to anyone else.

It saddens me to hear fellow smart, talented, beautiful women saying things like, “Please excuse the circles under my eyes,” or “I'm so pale in that picture,” as if we need to apologize for the way we look or preempt others' negative judgment. This especially strikes a chord with me because I've done it, too, putting myself down verbally or in writing, allowing others’ opinions to make me feel insecure. And the one time I did break down and try one of those “facial glow” creams? Along with it causing my skin to freak out, I also thought I looked completely ridiculous.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Live, Love, Learn

We're never prepared for death, even if we know it's coming. We know death is eventually going to happen for us all, but it just never gets easier when we have to say goodbye. 

With social media connecting us again to friends and loved ones we haven't seen in a while, it feels even heavier when we learn of someone's passing. How is it possible that this person could be gone today when just yesterday we saw them share a photo on Facebook and Instagram? HOW?! 

I'm still trying to understand and wrap my head around a recent tragedy that happened to my childhood friend. Though I still don't understand it, I'm grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with her. My heart hurts for her family; her husband and three young children, her parents and in-laws, her siblings, and extended family.  

Death of someone so young always reminds me to appreciate every day a little more, to slow down and enjoy the moment instead of trying to share it on social media, and to capture more memories. 

So, while you may see less of me on social media, know that I am here; living, loving and learning. 

There is a fund my friend's family has put together in her memory and to help her husband and children who are 6, 4, and 2. If you can help, any dollar amount is appreciated. Click here.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Love Your Body: Hippy Juice Mama

It's Wednesday and that means it's time for another Love Your Body guest post. Thank you for following along, if you missed the first post in the series featuring Just Plain Marie check it out here and my intro post here. Okay enough from me, take it away Alicia...

Hi! I'm Alicia from Hippy Juice Mama, where I write about life, finding my voice, and slowly transitioning my family to a natural lifestyle. I'm a recovering people pleaser journeying through life to become the person I was meant to be.

Looking in the mirror I see a face that's puffy, facial hair that shouldn't be there, dark circles, and acne. I move back a little and take notice of the rest of my body. My stomach is protruding and I sigh to myself and worry if another person will ask me today if I'm expecting, knowing that when I say no I will try to laugh it off while secretly chocking back tears. My shoulders slouch. My thighs are bigger and my body is covered in stretch marks from my breasts down to my calves.

When I was a teenager I was so very skinny. I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain a pound. Fast forward to 2 kids, PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome), and Hashimotos (autoimmune thyroid disorder) later I can barely recognize this person I see in the mirror.

Shopping now sucks. It just flat out sucks! The brands I once loved now fit my body in a really awkward way. The lighting in dressing rooms are just terrible, why do they do this don't they want to sell clothes?

When I'm ready to cry and just throw on something comfy and stretchy I take another look in the mirror.

Yes there is more fluff there than there once was and I will never be able to wear a bikini again but I have a body that carried two beautiful children. I have a body that is fighting daily against an autoimmune disease.

There are more and more days lately that I look in the mirror and see curves and not fluff. I'm learning to appreciate my body and know that the size of my jeans has nothing to do with the size of my heart. I don't have the moves like Jagger or a booty like Beyoncé, but I shake what my momma gave me weekly in Zumba and I participate in 5ks even though I feel like it may kill me.

My body is imperfect and it will be imperfect until the day I die. One day I'll have grey hair or maybe no hair at all (by evidence of my shower floor). I'll have wrinkles and flabby loose skin. But it'll still be the same arms that held sleeping babies, it'll still be the same body that was embraced by my husband, and it'll be the same body that I have come to care for and love.

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